Jamaican Pearl

May Relieve

Asthma, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression,

Eye Pressure, Fatigue, Nausea, PTSD, Stress


Berry, Sweet, Tropical,Woody


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Where you can buy weed online Jamaican Pearl is a Sativa-dominant hybrid developed by Sensi Seeds specifically for the European summer climate. It is 85% Sativa and is a cross between a pure Jamaican Indica and Early Pearl (Sativa).Jamaican Pearl Cannabis Strain Information Jamaican Pearl Cannabis Strain Information
The strain’s high is creative and happy, energizing most user. It’s great for morning use because of its energizing and uplifting nature. It can also help patients feel focused, especially those with adult ADD/ADHD. Buy Jamaican Pearl Online Jamaican Pearl is most often recommended for the treatment of anxiety, stress, or mood disorders  Buy Jamaican Pearl Online Jamaican Pearl’s Indica lineage produces a mild body stone, which some people find helpful for minor body aches. It has been known to calm nausea, settle stomachs, and increase appetites.  Recently, some users have also been choosing this strain to help manage their migraines. This strain has few negative effects. Most users experience only the standard dry mouth and eyes. Paranoia and dizziness are not common.

where you can buy weed online reportedly yields up to 400 grams per square meter, even when grown by novices. It requires more carbon dioxide and high quality nutrients than your average Sativa. As with most Sativa strains, however, the plants grow tall and have the desired elongated buds. It grows quite well in nearly all outdoor environments. Using the Sea of Green technique, it can also be cultivated indoors. Flowering from anywhere between 50 and 70 days, the strain is ready for harvest in October when grown outside.Jamaican Pearl Cannabis Strain Information


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